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Coaching Education - "Leadership through Your Acts of Forgiveness"

Click Here – Leadership through Your Acts of Forgiveness


What does your forgiveness look like when your players do it all wrong in practice, matches and off the field foolishness?  Paul Banta

So if our Father expects us to forgive others, what does healthy, biblical forgiveness look like?  There is a Four-Part process that you should know and live out when your players are dealing with pain brought upon by you or others.

Coaching Education - First Aid Guide for Coaches

Click Here – First Aid Guide for Coaches


These procedures are from the American Red Cross and are a guide ONLY.  It is recommended that you consult a physician when necessary and set-up a calling system for emergencies.  Paul Banta

EMERGENCY ACTION PRINCIPLES:  Stay calm, Survey the scene for safety (yours), Check player for response – “tap and shout” – if no response, send someone to call our emergency system for medical help,  Look, listen and feel for breathing for about five seconds.

Coaching Education - Hydration & Nutrient Lecture

Click Here – Hydration & Nutrient Lecture


How Much Water Should You Drink to Hydrate for a Football Match? Paul Banta

Football is strenuous and requires a lot of physical stamina, and proper hydration will reduce your risk of injury as well as help you maintain peak fitness levels after the match. You need to consume more water and fluids than normal while playing soccer to make up for lost fluids due to perspiration, helping you stay focused and in a high level of physical condition.

Coaching Education - Peter Dennison (Goalkeepere Level 1)

Click Here – Goalkeeper Level 1


Goalkeeper Level 1 GSM/UWI PARTNERSHIP

Warm Ups, Warm-Up Activities, Feet Work, Feet Work Activities, Sprints and Reaction, Sprints and Reaction Activities, Handling, and Handling Activities, Position and Position Activities, Pass Back and Pass Back Activities, Set Play, Match Warm-Ups, and Coaching Points on all areas.

Coaching Education - Being the Leader and Coach

Click Here – Being the Leader and Coach


Being the Leader and Coach You Need to Be in this Game of Football.  Paul Banta

• Success comes from strong and effective leadership. Very few success stories just happen. Success happens over time when coaches grow their leadership abilities. It’s a day by day effort with your players.


Coaching Education - Developing Players Performance Goals

Click Here – Developing Players Performance Goals


As coaches, we tend to focus on training the physical aspects of our players while ignoring many of their mental and emotional developmental needs. Paul Banta

Although you may not have time to engage in extensive “mental coaching” with each of your players, you can engage them in the process of reflection, self-evaluation, and transformation by working with them to set goals.

Coaching Education - Leadership Development Leadership & Discipling in the Game of Football

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A Christian coach who has declared to be a leader/disciple needs a vital, very personal, growing relationship with the Living Father. Being an effective leader/disciple is hard; doing life without the Lord leading you is impossible. The best Coach is a truth teller, so know the Person, who is Truth.

The Book - Coaching Soccer with Passion & Purpose by Paul Banta

Click Here – Coaching Soccer with Passion & Purpose


This book is dedicated to my wonderful wife, Joy and my three sons Stephen, Nathan, and Joel and their families. I love you all dearly. Thanks for being part of my life and the privilege of being your husband and father.

I also have to dedicate this book to all the players I’ve ever coached, and to many of my assistant coaches who gave part of their lives to me for their team. Thanks and God bless you guys for all your hard work, all the good times, the many wins and the honor of being part of your lives.  Paul Banta

Coaching Education - Soccer Coaching Manual

Click Here – Coaching Manual Part 1

Click Here – Coaching Manual Part 2


GSM is offering a youth development partnership to grow and assist community youth programs either operated solely by alone or with contracted partnership agreements in the country GSM International operate within. GSM International is a Christian base holistic organizations that use football/soccer to help change the lives of youth. GSM used training licensed coaches that have played the game, coached it and had a passion for seeing it used to help change each youth under their care. GSM is committed to developing both female and male players of the future.  Paul Banta

The design of our program is a model that will produce not only quality players coaches but quality coaches who are capable of using training methods and spiritual guidelines that will move players games and lives forward. Where GSM differs from another club program will be by providing their coaching education model that will ensure and equip coaches to move players forward as sound community citizens and players.

Coaching Education - Winning Matches (Concepts to Help You Coach)

Click Here – Concepts to Win Matches


The teams I’ve coached over the years always played better in the ‘final attacking zone’ when I finally gave up most of my antiquated training methods and exercises that never proved to be successful in match condition, because for the most part they were not match related enough and they were not functional for the players to create and score goals.  Paul Banta


My training sessions were not only useless for my players and we never got those goals to win more matches. When you play the game
you play to win by more goals than your opponent and as coaches and player we never ever play to tie a match, so you need goals to win.
It’s that simple. All this was entirely my fault after, all I was the leader and coach.

Coaching Education - (MULTIPLE COURSES) Advanced Soccer Courses Levels D, C, B, A (1), A (2) and Goalkeeping Course

Click Here – International Advanced Coaching Education A Level 1 Course

 Coaching 11 vs. 11 Football Attacking Tactics & Training Methods

Click Here – International Advanced Coaching Education A Level 2 Course

Coaching 11 vs. 11 Football Attacking Tactics in Defense & Football Fitness

Click Here – International Advanced Coaching Education B Level Course

Coaching 11 vs. 11 Football Attacking Tactics & Defending Methods

Click Here – International Advanced Coaching Education C Level Course

Coaching Small-Sided Games for Youth & Senior Player Development

Click Here? – Appendix for C Level Course

Identifying, Selecting and Training Elite Level Youth & Senior Players

Click Here – International Advanced Coaching Education D Level Course

Introduction to Coaching & Leadership in Football

Click Here – Goalkeeping Level 1 Course

Introduction to Goalkeeper

Coaching Education - (MULTIPLE ARTICLES) Soccer Psychology in the Game Tools For Coaches

Global Soccer Ministries is an International Charity with one goal – Utilizing soccer as a holistic platform to reach children with the reality and knowledge of the life changing power of Jesus Christ.