‘GSM International Partnering with the JISA in Football Development’

The Jamaica Independent Schools’ Association (JISA) founded in 1969, is a Professional Organization of Principals, Vice Principals, and Directors of gsm-coach-course-jan-2015registered private schools. JISA is committed to building the capacity of private schools to improve teaching and learning so as to ensure that all children in the sector become functional individuals who will make a worthwhile contribution to nation building.
gk-coaching-course-featuring-peter-dennison-glasgow-rangers-caoc-with-paul-banta-and-mark-bucklandThe president of the JISA, Wesley Boynes, has established a relationship with Paul Banta, President of GSM International and their International Football Education Courses to help serve all private schools associated with the JISA.  GSM has created for their Physical Education Department and Football Coaching staff course structure to begin to move toward a comprehensive development program for the JISA that is designed to help implement a structure for football coaching and leadership development.
GSM International will be conducting the JISA new coaching education program in the middle of this year. GSM will lead 3 day ‘D’ level regional courses throughout Jamaica for all the school’s football coaching staff, physical education teachers and sports administrators. Coaches will be able to continue then to attend GSM Advanced Football Education program to include our GSM International C, B and A courses leading to JNFCA Licenses.
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Paul Banta – GSM International
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