December 25, 2017

By Paul J Banta

Revelation 22:11-15 says, ” Time is just about up. Let evildoers do their worst and the dirty-minded go all out in pollution, but let the righteous maintain a straight course and the holy continue on in holiness. “Yes, I’m on my way! I’ll be there soon! I’m bringing my payroll with me. I’ll pay all people in full for their life’s work. I’m Alpha to Omega, the First and the Final, Beginning and Conclusion. “How blessed are those who wash their robes! The Tree of Life is theirs for good, and they’ll walk through the gates to the City. But outside for good are the filthy curs: sorcerers, fornicators, murderers, idolaters—all who love and live lies.”The Message

In the world of coaching and managing a soccer team at any level, require a lot of motivation, the ingredient to winning. Matches have been won by teams with less ability but with more motivation to go all out with players giving 100%. There is nothing more upsetting than to know you should have won that match and knowing you failed to motivate adequately, and manage your players who and didn’t give it their all and had you done a better job, the final score could have been different.

Why can this be so upsetting? The reason might be that your efforts as a coach mean a lot to you, and for the most part, all you put into the players training can’t always come out the way you had hoped. Coaches, we need to teach our players to give it all in practice sessions so that the match can be played at a higher level of performance. Players just showing up for the game and have that happy to be their attitude will not cut it in today game. The best motivation is getting your players to always to play each match as if it were our last. So, in living out our life, we must live out our purpose with passion each day as it’s our last.

The truth in life is that your Father (Head Coach) is coming for you one day, and you are not guaranteed a tomorrow. Another fact, as Scripture reveals, is that when He comes, He will be bringing rewards for you? Others who are not Born-Again Christians will get nothing, and they won’t get through the gates where you’re heading.  Their future has no love, no joy and it will be a life of completed sadness, sorry, pain and suffering. Are you motivated to live life with urgency and not with passivity?  We often get caught up in living with an apathetic approach to life. Another boring day, boring training session, boring team talk, etc. You begin to just go through the motions, sadly losing out on the rewards your Lord wants to give you. Today, set yourself apart and be more committed than ever to finish the game of life with all your passion, strength and mentality that goes along with sound biblical principles. Many of us begin the race of life focused on doing much for God, talking a great talk and not always getting eternal matters accomplished. The coaches’ who lead with the strength to finish the race, however, are few and far between. Ready to run?

What your next move?