GSM International Coaching Education Courses

Only 75 Coaches Can Attend Each Course

Over 650 Coaches Have Attended Our Courses in Jamaica

International & National Football Developmental Education Program with Advanced Level D, C, B and A Level 1 and A level 2 Coaching Courses

Global Soccer Ministries International. Please use our CONTACT Tab on our home page if you are interested in sponsoring our soccer education courses.

GSM Presents Our International Football Developmental Education Program

When: 2018-2020 Courses – Our coaching courses are available to your club, region, state, or country. Usually we have 40-80 coaches attending each course. We do require your organization to have a minimum of 30 attending coaches. We have worked directly with international Football Federations who assist to bring our GSM International Coaching staff to your country. We usually visit for two weeks and deliver two of our courses and return to delivery two more. If you go to our Coaching Education page on this website you will be able to read about our C, B, A Level 1 and A Level 2 courses. Lastly, ALL airfare, hotel stay, meals and ground transportation must be provided by your organization. Our courses have change the live of 1000,s of coaches approach to training their players. We get results and are total match related.

Typical Five Day Course Schedule:

Day 1- 8:00 AM Preregistration check-in & Course Introduction; 9 – 11:45 AM Field Session (3); 11:45 AM- 1:00 Lunch Break; 1- 2 PM Class Room Lecture (3); 2:15 – 4:45 PM Field Session (4) and 5:15- 7:00 PM Class Room Lecture (4)

Day 2- 4 – 8:30 AM Introduce the day; 9 – 11:45 AM Field Session; 11:45 AM – 1:00 Lunch Break; 1:00 – 2:00 PM Class Room Lecture; 2:15-5:00 PM Field Session (6) and 5:15- 7:00 PM Class Room Lecture

Day 5 – 8:30 AM Introduce the day; 9-11:45 AM Field Session; 11:45 AM – 1:00 Lunch Break; 1:00- 2:00 PM Class Room Lecture 2:15- 5:00 PM Field Session and 5:15-7:00 PM Class Room Lecture & 7:00 PM Closing Ceremony

Course Venue: Course Venues will be Schedule by our local partnership

International Coaching Certificate from GSM Awarded A Level 1 & 2 (total hours of lecture and field sessions) 100+

GSM International Course Curriculum for D, C, B, A Level 1 and A Level 2 Available. Our 5 course total over 250 hours of “Modern Soccer Education Methods” information. Go to Coaching Education Tab on Home Page.


All participants can receive our Coaching Courses Syllabus and Football Educational materials. Each Course Syllabus can be found by clicking on the tab on our home page COACHING EDUCATION. Our GSM International 600 page Coaching Manual and other Football Education material and written article are found by clicking on our the COACHING EDUCATION tab on our home page.

Our Advanced Level ‘A’ Level 1 Course is Coaching Attacking 11 vs. 11 Football”

Our Advanced Level ‘A’ Level 2 Course is Coaching Defending Football & Football Fitness

Our daily field training sessions will provide coaches with modern training methods with exercises that can be used by coaches in their regular training that will provide an avenue for their players to play the game at a higher level. Our lectures deal with many aspects of football education, football science, football leadership and mentor players in a holistically developing environment.

There has never been a coaching like this given in Jamaica. Some of our international and national coaching educators who delivered the seminar are USSF, UEFA level work and other international licensing and are professionals in the field of football players development and they have played and coached the game.

GSM Staff provide our time to football groups, associations for the development of the game of football world wide. We help coaches change their thinking, words and actions with different football ideas to help change their players performance. The above course will have licensed coaches from the UK, and the USA instructing.

God bless and contact us in advanced.

Paul Banta
President of GSM International
Phone: 843-235-3762 USA

Global Soccer Ministries is an International Charity with one goal – Utilizing soccer as a holistic platform to reach coaches & players with the reality and knowledge of the life changing power of Jesus Christ.