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Are you tired of looking for that special gift for a loved, and after several hours of looking you end up giving them something that they already have, or will never use. How about giving them something that is truly life changing to those who receive the gift. Give a gift certificate in their name to Gobal Soccer Ministries International. We have several gift certificate that we will fill out and mail to your love one with one of our thank you statement, or one of your own. You could say, “You know, I wanted to get you an amazing gift to you, but everything I could think of getting you, you already have. So I thought about how much you love children and how big of heart you have. So I came up with an idea that I know you will love. A gift to Global Soccer Ministries International to reach children in Guatemala, Jamaica, and the United States.”

Gifts of Change are gifts that can change the world.

Celebrate and honor your family and friends while supporting Global Soccer Ministries International.

Send a Personalized Certificate.

To create a personalized Gift of Change certificate for a friend or loved one, just fill in the name of the recipient. Give us the email address of your honoree and we will email the certificate to them on your behalf. Leave the email field below blank and we will email the certificate to you at the email address you provide at check out.

Every Gift to Global Soccer Ministries International
a 501 3 (c) Nonprofit Corporation is a Tax Free Donation

Thank you for your interest in GSM’s gift certificate program. Please take the time to fill out the fields to the right and let us know which gift certificate you would like us to send to your love one. If you choose to gift certificate number four, please write your sentiment in the message box to the right. If you would like to add a picture of you and/or your love one, please mail them to:


Paul Banta
President and CEO
Global Soccer Ministries International

Please note that if you fail to pick a certificate number to send, GSM will choose certificate number one.