Global Soccer Ministries International Coaching Education Program in Lagos, Nigeria

September 25, 2017

by Paul J Banta

Introduction for Global Soccer Ministries International Coaching Education Program in Lagos, Nigeria

GSM International Partners with Several Soccer Organizations in Lagos Nigeria
The Administrative Staff College of Nigeria was established by the Federal Government. In ASCON, we recognize the critical need for effective leaders at all levels of organizations in the country. As part of our renewed effort to continue to support and enhance the capacity and capability of these organizations, we have put measures in place to be a centre of excellence for the development of leadership in both public and private sector organizations. Our overarching aspiration, as the foremost management development institute in Nigeria, is to create a critical mass of leaders at all levels in the country with the burning passion, integrity, creativity, character, intellect and commitment to serve the country honestly, efficiently, diligently, honourably and professionally.

In addition to the various training programmes, ASCON offers management consultancy services to assist client organizations to improve performance, organizational design, strategy formulation, work processes, methods and systems, and implement planned change, among other things. It also conducts action research as a means of improving public and corporate policies, development strategies, administrative systems and promoting good practices among organizations.As part of the College effort to create an enabling environment for learning, all training rooms in the College have been fully fitted with modern furniture and state- of-the-art equipment. In the same vein, all participants’ accommodation have been renovated and fully furnished to world class standards. ASCON also provides 24/7 power supply to ensure maximum comfort of participants and staff.

The College proudly boasts of a Serene and Conducive Training Environment, within the landscape of the public service training in Nigeria. The standard of our hostel facilities, classrooms, training equipment and constant electricity supply have been transformed to match our vision of being a world class Management Development Institute (MDI).

The following is being presented by Lagos Organizations, National Federation and GSM International to the Lagos State FA, the Lagos State Sports Commission and the Lagos State Football Coaches Association for Football Educational Training. This program has recently been sanctioned by the Technical Director of the Nigerian Football Federation. This training will happen in September and December of 2017. Two separate Advanced GSM Football Coaching Courses will be provided and delivered by Paul J Banta – USSF A Nationally Licensed Coaching Instructor. These courses are a ‘C’ and a ‘B’ Level course and A Level 1 and A Level 2. These courses are created by Football Educator, Author, and Speaker, Paul Banta, President of Global Soccer Ministries International to help change the direction of coaches to better coach their players from the Youth through Senior Football levels. GSM Football Courses and coaching methods have been delivered to 1,000’s of coaches since 1990. Our courses are always upgraded to provide ‘Modern Coaching Methodology’ to the coaches who attend.

These courses will continue with a four-year plan to include the following:

1. Through Ascon GSM International football courses will be provided for many coaches throughout Nigeria and eventually Africa. Ascon serves not only Nigeria but many other African countries. Ascon will bring to Africa certified courses through their educational institute that is to be sanction by the Nigerian Football Federation. The goal is to provide Nigerian with an active modern football education program that will bring about great changes to coaches that will impact their players from the grassroots level to senior football.

2. Developing a plan to the Lagos State FA, the Lagos State Sports Commission and the Lagos State Football Coaches Association to develop coaches

3. Create a state (and eventually of national pool) of football coaching instructors (educators of these courses) to deliver state and national coaching licenses

4. One day in the future we hope to have the CAF adopt these course as part of the NFF football education program.

5. Create in the State of Lagos a National Center of Football Development for coaching education for West Africa and the greater Africa. This center would be the national center for developing female and male national youth through future senior players.

6. Create a large pool of Nigerian Coaching Instructor to continue delivering football education courses for years to come.

A correct and productive way to coach and play the modern game of football needs to be considered for the Nigeria footballing society and the State of Lagos State FA, for coaches and players to develop at all ages levels. The introducing of new international standards coaching methods would yield great players rewards for the support and development of the sport of football in Nigeria and through Lagos State FA, the Lagos State Football Coaches Association, and the Lagos State Sports Commission. There is a need to tell the football world in that in the State of Lagos Nigeria and the CAF and beyond us, part of Nigeria and the football and sports industry, has a product worth knowing about and to be ready to move forward and to compete at higher standards.

Football is a game that can change the hearts of youth and senior male and female players for the State of Lagos Nigeria and accomplish a greater purpose for the potential of the future of football. Everyone in the football and sports industry must be willing to use their combined abilities and talents cooperating to create a football nation that will change the present for hope for a better future. The state of Lagos Nigeria can lead the way.

One of the great reconciliations that the State of Lagos could gain is a future hope for their state’s football coaches and players is to be with a holistic football development program within the sporting industry of Nigeria having football a centerpiece for future players to have hope in many ways.

The Starting Point Is With the Coach?

Development programs in the modern football need to be created in areas where weaknesses are present. We would suggest a new national coaching organization start off where players are taught the game, i.e., the coach, the teacher of the match. Any organization must have a designed football educational coaching plan that is established to develop their countries players in today international game. This plan should provide for many coaches to be trained at various players’ levels. This provides a path of excellent training methods for many coaches as possible. A good cooperative planning sequence provides many avenues for coaches and player development that are in cooperation with clubs, government schools, and the Lagos State FA, the Lagos State Football Associations, the Lagos State Football Coaches Association and the Lagos State Sports Commission.

The Lagos State Football Associations, the Lagos State Football Coaches Association and the Lagos State Sports Commission should want to be the leader of football development through a sound Football Coaches Educational Program for all coaches at all levels of competition. Any football organizations besides competition, funding and being a resource team must re-consider yearly their role to produce structure provide growth and development for football under their leadership and of course coaching development is massive.

International Modern Football Courses

Up-to-date football education courses need to be designed for the female and male youth player through to the senior professional player with an emphasis on what the rest of the world is doing must be sort after and requirements for each active, future younger coaches and nonactive coaches. The design must also to accommodate female coach’s development as FIFA, and the CAF may be demanding this. There is a huge need for the development of much more the female coaching football in any country where male coaches have dominated football. The realization of this may have to be corrected by each State FA in Nigeria lead by the NFF. This is going to be a FIFA requirement and must create a way to recruit women into football organizations not only as leaders at the National and State levels but to create more opportunities for female player development starting with youth players through senior players.

The second objective would be a component of supervision and evaluation of coaches by requiring their standard of knowledge be continuously developed and their efforts are appropriated in line with developing players for the match and player success in their society. Evaluation is always hard because it requires additional time. Without quality assessment, a systematic football approach will lose its football value. Based on what the State of Lagos FA, the Lagos State Football Associations, the Lagos State Football Coaches Association and the Lagos State Sports Commission wants and what the rest of the world is doing must be considered.
The invested efforts of football leadership within the Lagos FA should view this as vital to the future of Lagos State. Developing coaches and players should never regress, and the country will be able to compete with the world outside the borders of Nigeria.

With consideration for the development, a suitable coaching course structure is needed. GSM International will be sharing their concepts about football education with the State of Lagos and their FA. The starting place is a new football coaching structure to be put in place. We already have this in our coaching course. We have in this document the outline of our Advanced Level ‘C’ course. We have provided a link to our website to view ‘B,’ ‘A’ Level 1 and ‘A’ Level 2. These series of course design for coaches will be a total of 220+ hours of football education in both the classroom and field sessions. We must remember that the game was made for the players and not for the coach. It is always what the well-educated coach can bring to the players that will allow for a better football industry. Our coaching education program does this. We not only teach the modern game but we teach the coach how to be a leader and mentor of their players. Our program is holistic and brings more than football to the player who in today’s world and the modern game is a necessity.

Best wishes and see you on the field in Lagos this September.

Paul J Banta – U.S.S.F. ‘A’ Coach and Coaching International Instructor