In a recent meeting, the JNFCA Board will be the hiring of Baris Johnson as Technical Director of Football Education for the JNFCA. In the same meeting Paul Banta, President of Global Soccer Ministries and Football Educated has turned over all future football education courses to the JNFCA being lead by the appointment of Baris Johnson. The future courses have been redesigned with the first courses (National D License) being held in the parishes of St. Catherine’s and Kingston/St. Andrews through the JISA in January of 2017. Other courses will be held in the Manchester, St. James and Portland during 2017.  These courses will be conducted by International Coaches from the USA, United Kingdom and Jamaica and our present staff coaches are listed on the ‘TEAM’ tab on this website.

GSMThe GSM delivered courses are as follows:

A Preliminary License or D course – 30 hours

National C License – 50 hours (formerly C Part 1)

National B License – 50 hours (formerly C Part 2)

National A License – 100 hours (formerly B Part 1 & 2)

Master License – 60 hours (new coming in 2018)

Goal Keeping License – 50 hours (new coming in 2017)

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