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Your Teams Deserve the Best Synthetic Turf Playing Surface Made in the World at Affordable Pricing!

"The World Cup Women's Final in Canada was Played on Our Turf"

Our Grass So Real…….It’s Unreal

Averett University Cougars
New Multipurpose APT Product Synthetic Turf Field

Considering a synthetic turf field? Can’t afford those $1,000,000+ prices?

• Would you like your sports teams to play on the longest lasting, highest quality synthetic turf available in North America?
• Looking for a playing surface that last up to three times as long as current turf products with a higher re-spring value?
• Want to play on a surface where you’ll see more green turf than rubber and sand and with a surface that is like grass?
• Are you struggling to reach the dollar amount you’ve that it costs to build a fully turn-key synthetic turf field for your school?

Then GSM Sports Turf Can HELP with up to 25-35% Discounts!

The high cost of a quality monofilament synthetic turf surfaces for Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Softball, and Baseball is very prohibiting and could cost you a million dollars or more at today’s market prices. Make the GSM Sports Turf products of Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) your first choice. We provide nonprofit organizations discounted pricing.

GSM Sports Turf, partnering with Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) has the solution to your budget concerns or fundraising challenges. We will help provide you with the best monofilament synthetic turf playing surface at a cost that is up to 35% lower than other turf companies with the highest quality turf in the world. We partner with non-profit sports organizations, schools, colleges, universities, city and county parks and recreation organizations, faith-based organizations and sports clubs.

We have the longest lasting, most durable synthetic turf on the market. Independent testing proves our turf lasts three times as long without experiencing fiber degradation. Our USA Production Mill is one of the oldest turf manufacturers and turf suppliers in the United States. With over 25 years of turf experience and over 90 years of manufacturing experience, they lead the industry with science technology fibers making them the #1 USA with the highest quality standards in the industry. Our partnership with APT produces a the best Sports Turf fiber in the world and has tested to be proven to have a durability factor that is 200%+ greater than most other turf mono-filament products on today’s market.

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Paul Banta
CEO & President
GSM Sports Turf, Inc.
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